Metalwork - Projects - Small Shovel

This Shovel is more decorative than useful but would work with light things. Of course if it was made from Steel it would be much more durable.
It is not a suitable exercise to introduce folding of metals but could definatly be done in second year.
The back tabs can be either soldered or pop-riveted to the main body to secure completion. If using pop-rivets it is easier to drill holes after the Shovel has been bent to shape. This will require the use of a jig or drilling block to ensure safety while drilling.
Even though I have provied dimensions for the Handle it would be very easy to let students design the handle themselves.

Parts List

Part No. Part Name Required Material & Description
1 Shovel 1 Copper, Brass or Steel
2 Handle 1 Brass or Steel
3 Pop Rivet 2 Aluminium

Student Handout

Small Shovel Handout

Zip Files

Download All : Solidworks Part, Solidworks Drawing, PDF of Drawing and 3D images.