Metalwork - Projects - 1st Racing Car

This main focus of this project is to bring more of a design element into the manufacturing process for the student. The Racing Car itself is quite basic as you can see from the first of the two images shown below. However the idea is for the student to personalize the Racing Car with their own design, an example of which is shown in the second of the two images.

Not only can students cut the parts differently, while sticking to the main dimensions, they can also add parts if they so wish. A good idea is to get students to use drawings to try to communicate their ideas before trying to manufacture them as they may not yet have the skills necessary to make what they can visualize.

Parts List

Part No. Part Name Required Material & Description
1 Body 1 Aluminium
2 Wheels 4 Acrylic
3 Axle 2 Brass
4 Wing Support 2 Aluminium
5 Wing 1 Aluminium

As Supplied

Part No. Part Name Required Material & Description
6 M4 Nylon Lockut 4 Steel
7 Ø3 x 3 Pop Rivet 4 Aluminium

Student Handout

1st Racing Car Handout

Zip Files

Download All : Solidworks Part, Solidworks Drawing, PDF of Drawing and 3D images.