Technical Drawing - Exam Papers - Ordinary - 2006 - Engineering

Question 4

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(a) Using the data table below make a fully dimensioned drawing of the machine part shown, showing all specifications.
1 Square 16, Length 12
2 Diameter 30, Length 30
3 Undercut 4 x 4
4 Diameter 82, Length 24, Chamfer 4 x 4
5 Diameter 44, Fillet radius 10, Length 40
6 Maximum diameter 44, Minimum diameter 20, Length 22
7 Diameter 20, Length 23
8 Screwthread Metric 20, Pitch 2.5, Length 25
Shown is a lever type relief valve.
(i) Draw a parts list, in table format, which includes the item number and name for each of the parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
(ii) Explain, with the aid of freehand sketches and with reference to the letters A, B, C, D and E, the operation of the air relief valve.
(iii) Explain, with the aid of sketches, how the valve could be regulated to operate at different air pressures.
Using large freehand sketches, explain the following engineering terms:
(i) Flanged elbow;
(ii) Rolled steel channel;
(iii) Butterfly valve.
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