Technical Drawing - Exam Papers - Higher - 1997 - Building

Question 7

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The accompanying drawing shows ground contours at five-metre vertical intervals. AB is the line of a proposed roadway and CDEFG is a proposed parking area.

The roadway AB has the following specifications:

(i) formation width 15 m;
(ii) formation level at A is 80 m;
(iii) gradient A to B is 1 in 20 rising;
(iv) side slopes for cuttings 1 in 1 .5;
(v) side slopes for embankments 1 in 2.

In the parking area the sides DE and OF are level and the gradient from C to D is 1 in 20 falling. The side slopes for cuttings and embankments are the same as for the roadway

On the drawing supplied show the earthworks necessary to accommodate the roadway and parking area.

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