Technical Drawing - Exam Papers - Higher - 1995 - Paper 1

Question 6

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(a) Draw a straight line DFP where DF = 70mm and FP = 75mm. F is one of the focal points of an ellipse, P is a point on the curve, D is on the directrix and the eccentricity 0.6.
(i) Draw a portion of the curve to include the point P.
(ii) Find the centre of curvature of the point P.

(b) Two lines AB and AF meet at an angle of 35°. AF is l00mm long. A point V on the line AF is 45mm from F. An ellipse has F as one of its focal points, V is the vertex and AB is a tangent to the curve.
(i) Determine the major and minor axes and draw a portion of the curve.
(ii) Determine the point of contact between the tangent AB and the curve.

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