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This Walking Machine is currently a work in progress. All Solidworks parts, final model, Solidworks Drawings, PDFs and images are available from the download below.

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Download All : Solidworks Part, Solidworks Drawing, PDF of Drawing. 3D images.

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*** Please be aware that this is a work in progress and may not work as intended. ***

I have started on the manufacture of one of the legs and as teaching must continue I believe this project will take a bit of time to complete. However I feel it is a very interesting project and well worth the time and effort. Depending on how it works out it may be a suitable project for students in Transition or Fifth year. There is quite a bit of scope for altering the design and look of some parts to maybe give the machine a more sinister look. I will also later investigate whether the linkages scale well and how a model made from 1mm Aluminium will hold up.

Accuracy of measurement will be important especially for the linkages. In the downloads you will find PDFs of 2 variable speed gears. They are intended to be printed out onto A4 paper, then cut out and stuck to the Perspex before manufactuing. Measurements on the variable speed gear PDFs are to help with scaling. Mylast effort at getting the scale to printer correct was out by 4 or 5 mm. I will adjuct the scale until I get something satisfactory and will state so here.

Below are some images to help with the construction of the legs and a view of the internal workings with the top removed..