Metalwork - Materials - Wood Tools

There is a wide varity of Woodworking tools available on the market. More and more machine tools are becoming available to the woodworker to replace hand tools, but in the metalwork room, woodwork machine tools are highly unlikly, so here we have given you some of the common hand tools.

The Tenon Saw

A Tenon SawThe Tenon Saw is used when cutting short pieces of timber. It is also used for more delicate work and where a rigid blade is necessary.

The Hand Saw

A Hand SawThe Hand Saw for general timber cutting. It is ideal where a lot of cutting is necessary because of the blades length.

The Mortise Gauge

A Mortise GaugeThe Mortise Gauge is used to mark out the cutting line for a Mortise Joint. It can also be used for marking out other joints.

The Plane

A Wood PlaneThe Plane is used to remove excess wood or to give a smooth finish to a flat surface. There is a very sharp blade on the bottom of the Plane which does the cutting. This blade depth can be adjusted to remove differing thicknesses of wood.

The Spoke Shave

A Spoke ShaveThe Spoke Shave is similar to the Plane, however it is properly used to remove shavings from rounded or curved parts. It is a difficult instrument to master as you control the depth and angle of cut with your hands.

The Tape Measure

A Tape MeasureThe Tape Measure is as important as the ruler in the metalwork room. Woodwork rulers are also used but when long planks, large boards need to be measured out a Tape Measure is invaluable.

The Hand Drill

A Hand DrillThe Hand Drill is used quite often in the woodwork room. Most timber is not difficult to drill so the power of a machine is not always necessary. The main problem with drilling by hand is getting the angle correct.

The Chisel

Wood ChiselsThe Chisel is a very important tool in the woodwork room. It is used to remove excess wood, and to finely shape pieces. A Chisel is an extremely sharp instrument and can cause serious damage if due care and attention is not paid when it is being used. The Chisel comes in many different shapes and sizes for different purposes.

The Try Square

A Try SquareThe Try Square is used in much the same way in the woodwork room as it is in the metalwork room. It is used to chexk for squareness and to create perpendicular or 90° angles.