Metalwork - Materials - Varities of Wood

Below is a list of different types of wood. They are classfified as :


Balsa Sample of Balsa Wood
Other Names : Guano, Polak, Topa
Description : Balsa is the lightest and softest of all woods available today, yet is is a Hardwood as it comes from a Deciduous tree. Because of its light weight and exceedingly porous composition, balsa is highly efficient when buoyancy, insulation against heat or cold, or sound absorption is important.
Uses : Life saving equipment, Model aircraft.
Basswood Sample of Basswood
Other Names : American Lime
Description : Creamy-white color, although it tends to become browner upon exposure.
Uses : Carving, Turning, Pattern-making.
Beech Sample of Beech Wood
Other Names : None
Description : Straight-grained wood. Light brown to red-brown color. Beech has an average number of knots. American Beech is slightly coarser than the European variety.
Uses : Cabinetmaking, Bending, Turning.
Birch Sample of Birch Wood
Other Names : Hard Birch, Betula wood, American Birch
Description : Straight-grained wood with fine, even texture. It has a red-brown heartwood and a light-yellow sapwood.
Uses : Furniture, Joinery, Turning, Plywood.
Boxwood Sample of Boxwod
Other Names : European Boxwood
Description : Fine, evenly-textured wood. Dense and heavy and can vary in the straightness of its grain. Light yellow in color.
Uses : Carving, Tool handles, Musical instruments.
Brazilwood Sample of Brazilwood
Other Names : Pernambuco wood, Bahia wood
Description : Hard and heavy, with straight grain and fine, even texture. Pale sapwood contrasts with orange-red to red-brown heartwood.
Uses : Turning, Violin bows, Gunstocks, Exterior joinery.
Brazilian Rosewood Sample of Brazilian Rosewood.
Other Names : Rio Rosewood, Bahia Rosewood
Description : Hard and heavy. Medium texture with straight grain. Highly figured with brown, violet-brown to black color.
Uses : Furniture, Joinery, Turning, Knife handles, Carving.
Bubinga Sample of Bubinga Wood
Other Names : African rosewood
Description : Moderately coarse, even textured wood. Can have straight, interlocked or irregular grain. Red-brown in color, with purple veins.
Uses : Furniture, Wooden utensils.
Butternut Sample of Butternut Wood Wood
Other Names : White walnut
Description : Straight-grained, coarse-textured wood. Medium brown heartwood.
Uses : Furniture, Carving, Interior joinery.
Black Walnut Sample of Black Walnut Wood
Other Names : American walnut
Description : A strong wood with a rather coarse texture. Usually straight-grained, but not always. Color is a rich brown to purple-black.
Uses : Furniture, Gunstocks, Interior joinery, Carving, Turning.
Black Cherry Sample of Black Cherry Wood
Other Names : American Cherry
Description : Hard, straight-grained wood with fine texture, Heartwood is red-brown to deep red.
Uses : Furniture, musical instruments, tobacco pipes.
Chestnut Sample of Chestnut Wood
Other Names : American chestnut, Wormy chestnut
Description : Coarse textured. Similar to oak in appearance. Most lumber comes from standing dead trees, hence 'wormy' due to insect attack.
Uses : Furniture, coffins, stakes
Cocobolo Sample of Cocobolo Wood
Other Names : Granadillo
Description : Hard, heavy wood with irregular grain and medium texture. Very nice coloring, from purple to yellow, with black markings turning to deep orange-red on exposure.
Uses : Turning, knife handles.
Elm, Dutch & English Sample of Dutch or English Elm Wood
Other Names : Red Elm
Description : Coarse-textured wood, heartwood is beige-brown in color.
Uses : Furniture, bending, turning, boat-building.
European Ash Sample of European Ash Wood
Other Names : English Ash, Polish Ash
Description : Very similar to White Ash. White to pale brown color.
Uses : Tool handles, boatbuilding, joinery, curved furniture, Hurleys.
Ebony Sample of Ebony Wood
Other Names : Tendu
Description : A hard, dense wood with fine, even texture and straight, irregular or wavy grain. Heartwood is dark brown to black.
Uses : Turning, musical instruments, knife handles.
European Oak Sample of European Oak Wood
Other Names : English Oak, French Oak
Description : Coarse, straight-grained wood. Pale brown in color.
Uses : Furniture, joinery, external woodwork, carving, boatbuilding.
European Plane Sample of European Plane Wood
Other Names : English Plane, French Plane
Description : Straight-grained wood with fine to medium texture. Light red-brown heartwood. Similar, but darker than, American Sycamore.
Uses : Furniture, joinery, turning.
European Sycamore Sample of European Sycamore Wood
Other Names : Sycamore Plane, Great Maple
Description : This is really a Maple, not a Sycamore. Fine, even texture. Straight-grained. White to yellowish-white in color.
Uses : Turning, furniture, kitchen utensils.
European Walnut Sample of European Walnut Wood
Other Names : English Walnut, French Walnut
Description : Coarse texture with straight to wavy grain. Color is gray-brown with darker streaks.
Uses : Furniture, gunstocks, turning, carving.
Hickory Sample of Hickory Wood
Other Names : Shagbark Hickory
Description : Coarse-textured wood. Generally straight grained, but can be irregular or wavy. Heartwood is red-brown, sapwood is white.
Uses : Sports equipment, chairs.
Hard Maple Sample of Hard Maple Wood
Other Names : Rock Maple, Sugar Maple
Description : Hard, very heavy, straight-grained wood with fine texture. White sapwood with light red-brown heartwood. This wood is hard to work with because of its density.
Uses : Furniture, turning, butcher's blocks, flooring.
Indian Rosewood Sample of Indian Rosewood Wood
Other Names : Bombay Rosewood
Description : Heavy, moderately coarse and uniform texture. Interlocked grain. Golden brown to purple-brown with streaks of dark purple or black.
Uses : Furniture, shop fittings, musical instruments, turning
Jelutong Sample of Jelutong Wood
Other Names : Jelutong Bukit
Description : A soft, fine, even-textured wood with straight grain. Creamy pale brown in color.
Uses : Pattern-making, carving, drawing boards.
Kingwood Sample of Kingwood Wood
Other Names : Voilet wood
Description : Fine, even textured wood. Heartwood is a striped figure of violet-brown, black and golden yellow.
Uses : Inlays, marquetry.
Lime Sample of Lime Wood
Other Names : Linden
Description : A soft, straight-grained wood with fine uniform texture. Color is white to pale yellow. Very easy to carve with.
Uses : Carving, hat blocks, broom handles.
Mahogany Sample of Mahogany Wood
Other Names : None
Description : A medium-textured wood with straight and even, or interlocked grain. Heartwood is red-brown to deep red.
Uses : Boat planking, carving, furniture, pianos.
Purpleheart Sample of Purpleheart Wood
Other Names : Amaranth
Description : Uniform, fine to medium texture. Usually straight-grained. Purple color, darkening to a rich brown due to oxidation.
Uses : Construction work, boatbuilding, turning, furniture.
Red Alder Sample of Red Alder Wood
Other Names : Western Alder
Description : Pale yellow to red-brown color. Soft, fairly straight-grained, even-texture.
Uses : Carving, turning, furniture.
Red Oak Sample of Red Oak Wood
Other Names : American Red Oak
Description : Straight-grained, with coarse texture. Pink-red in color.
Uses : Furniture, interior joinery, flooring.
Soft Maple Sample of Soft Maple Wood
Other Names : Red Maple, Silver Maple
Description : Straight-grained fine-textured wood. Not as strong as Hard Maple. Light creamy-brown in color.
Uses : Furniture, interior joinery, turning, plywood, flooring.
Sycamore Sample of Sycamore Wood
Other Names : American Plane, Buttonwood
Description : Fine, even texture, usually with straight grain. Pale brown in color. Not to be confused with European Sycamore.
Uses : Furniture, butcher's blocks, joinery.
Teak Sample of Teak Wood
Other Names : Kyun Sagwan, Teku
Description : Coarse, uneven texture with oily feel to it. Straight or wavy grain, depending on the origin.
Uses : Interior and exterior joinery, boatbuilding, garden furniture, turning.
Tulipwood Sample of Tulipwood
Other Names : Pinkwood
Description : Dense, hard wood with fine to medium texture. Usually has irregular grain. Pink-yellow color with pink to violet-red stripes.
Uses : Turning, kitchen utensils, inlay
White Ash Sample of White Ash Wood
Other Names : Canadian Ash, American White Ash
Description : Below average number of knots, heavy wood. Coarse, straight-grained wood with almost white sapwood. Heartwood is pale-brown, similar to European Ash. High bending strength.
Uses : Tool handles, boatbuilding, joinery, curved furniture.
White Elm Sample of White Elm Wood
Other Names : Water Elm, Swamp Elm, Soft Elm
Description : A coarse-textured, strong, medium-density wood. Usually straight-grained but can be interlocked. Heartwood is pale red-brown. Has good bending qualities.
Uses : Boat-building, furniture.
White Oak Sample of White Oak Wood
Other Names : American White Oak
Description : Straight-grained with medium-coarse texture. Similar to European oak in appearance, but more variable in color.
Uses : Construction, flooring, plywood, interior joinery.
Yellow Poplar Sample of Yellow Poplar Wood
Other Names : Whitewood, Tulip Poplar
Description : A fairly soft and lightweight wood, with straight grain and fine texture. Pale olive-green to brown heartwood, but with colored streaks.
Uses : Joinery, furniture, carving, light construction.


Douglas Fir Sample of Douglas Fir Wood
Other Names : British Columbian pine
Description : : A straight-grained, red-brown wood with pronounced grain.
Uses : Construction, plywood
European Redwood Sample of European Redwood
Other Names : Scots Pine
Description : A light-colored wood with yellow-brown to red-brown heartwood and white-yellow sapwood.
Uses : Furniture, joinery, construction.
Larch Sample of Larch Wood
Other Names : Tamarack
Description : A straight-grained wood of even texture. Pale to rich-red heartwood with light colored sapwood.
Uses : Joinery, construction, boat planking.
Pine Sample of Pine Wood
Other Names : Parana pine, hoop pine, ponderosa pine, sugar pine, western white pine, white pine
Description : There are too many strains of pine to document here and you are unlikely to get much of a choice at a local lumber yard. Basically, pine is a soft, pale yellow to reddish brown color, usually with a straight grain and medium texture.
Uses : Doors, furniture, turning.
Western Red Cedar Sample of Western Red Cedar Wood
Other Names : British Columbian red cedar
Description : Fairly soft, aromatic wood. Red-brown in color, fading to silver-gray after long exposure to weathering.
Uses : Shingles, decking, exterior siding.
Silver Fir Sample of Silver Fir Wood
Other Names : Whitewood, white fir
Description : A pale cream, almost colorless wood with fine texture and straight-grain.
Uses : Joinery, construction, boxes, plywood
Yellow Cedar Sample of Yellow Cedar Wood
Other Names : None
Description : A pale-yellow, even-textured wood with fine, straight grain. It is relatively light, and stiff.
Uses : Furniture, joinery, boatbuilding
Yew Sample of Yew Wood
Other Names : European yew
Description : Strong and hard. It has an orange-red heartwood and light-colored sapwood.
Uses : Furniture, turning, joinery.