Metalwork - Exam Papers - OL - Project - 2013

300 Marks

General Instructions to Candidates

The project you make and submit for examination, including the design element, must be your own individual work, carried out in the school under the supervision of the teacher. Your own individual work is intended to include the intellectual activity of design along with the practical activities of making the project.

Instructions for Making the Project

  1. Details of a Model Bulldozer are shown on the accompanying drawing.
  2. Make and assemble the Project using the materials specified in the Parts List.
  3. (i) Design, make and attach a Front Grill for the model.
    (ii) Design and make a securing device to attach the Bonnet (Part 2) to the model and which allows access to the transmission unit.
    (Note: 20% of the marks will be awarded for this section.)
  4. Tension the Caterpillar Track (Part 24) by moving the Rear Axle (Part 18) in the slots of theChassis (Part 3) and lock in position with M4 nuts. Ensure that the Rear Wheels rotate freely.
  5. Complete, test and solder the Electric Circuit.
  6. Your Examination Number must be clearly shown in the position indicated on the drawing.
  7. Your completed project, clearly identified with your Examination Number, must be available to the visiting examiner along with the necessary testing equipment.

Parts List

Part No. Part Name Required Material and Description
1 Blade 1 Aluminium (painted or polished)
2 Bonnet 1 Aluminium (painted or polished)
3 Chassis 1 Aluminium (painted or polished)
4 Seat Support 1 Aluminium Channel (polished)
5 Seat 1 Coloured Acrylic
6 Blade Bracket 2 Aluminium (painted or polished)
7 Wheel 4 Nylon or Acetal
8 Battery Holder Bracket 1 Aluminium (painted or polished)
9 Windscreen 1 Clear Acylic
10 Windscreen Support 1 Aluminium (painted or polished)

As Supplied

Part No. Part Name Required Material and Description
11 M3 x 8 Pan Head Set Screw 13 Steel
12 M3 x 8 CSK Set Screw 2 Steel
13 M2 x 25 Pan Head Set Screw 2 Steel
14 M3 Hex Nut 17 Steel
15 M4 Hex Nut 8 Steel
16 M4 Cap Nut 4 Steel
17 Front Axle 1 M4 Threaded Bar (178mm approx.)
18 Rear Axle 1 M4 Threaded Bar (178mm approx.)
19 3 Volt Economy Gearbox 1 In-Line Motor Mount / 120:1 or 220:1 Ratio
20 Motor Bracket 1 As Supplied
21 Motor Gear 1 Plastic Gear - 20 Teeth - to suit Gearbox Shaft
22 Screw (Gearbox Shaft) 1 M2.5 x 16 Pan Head Steel
23 Axle Gear 1 As Required
24 Caterpillar Track 2 Plastic Gear - 40 Teeth - 4mm Axle Hole
25 Switch 1 30mm wide (190mm approx.)
26 Battery Holder + Clip 1 AA x 2
27 Insulated Wire   As Supplied

Design Element

Part No. Part Name Required Material and Description
27 Front Grill 1 As Designed
28 Bonnet Attachment 1 As Designed

Note: 20% of the marks will be awarded for Assembly, Finish and Function.

Zip Files

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