Metalwork - Exam Papers - HL - Project - 2011

150 Marks


  1. Details of a Model Motorcycle and Sidecar are shown on the accompanying drawing.
  2. Make and assemble the Project using the materials specified in the Parts List.
  3. Bond the Battery Holder (Part 9) to the Control Panel (Part 5) and bond the Seat (Part 6) to the Frame (Part 9).
  4. Replace the axle in the simple gearbox with the Rear Axle (Part 11). Lock the Drive Wheel (Part 12) to the Rear Axle (Part 11) using an M4 nut.
  5. Design and make a Front Fork, Windscreen and Front Wheel for the model. These should be assembled as a unit. The assembled unit when attached to the Front Fork Support (Part 3) should ensure that the model is in a horizontal position.
    (Note : 20% of the marks will be awarded for this section.)
  6. Complete, test and solder the Electric Circuit.
  7. Your Examination Number must be clearly shown in the position indicated on the Outer Sidecar Panel (Part 14) of the drawing.
  8. Your completed project, clearly identified with your Examination Number, must be available to the visiting examiner along with the necessary testing equipment (battery or transformer).


Parts List

Part No. Part Name Required Material and Description
1 Handle Bar 1 3mm, Aluminium (Polished)
2 Steering Column 1 Ø8mm, Brass Polished
3 Front Fork Support 1 3mm, Aluminium (Polished)
4 Frame 1 1mm, Brass or Copper (Polished)
5 Control Panel 1 3mm, Coloured Perspex
6 Seat 1 5mm, Coloured Perspex
7 Sidecar Spacer 2 Ø8mm, Brass Polished
8 Sidecar Panel (inner) 1 3mm, Coloured Perspex
9 Battery Holder 1 1mm, Aluminium (Polished)
10 Sidecar Cover 1 1mm, Aluminium, Brass or Copper (Polished)
11 Rear Axle 1 Ø4mm, Brass Polished
12 Drive Wheel 1 Ø40mm, Nylon or Acetal (Black)
13 Sidecar Wheel 1 Ø40mm, Nylon or Acetal (Black)
14 Sidecar Panel (outer) 1 3mm, Coloured Perspex
15 Sidecar Mudguard 1 1mm, Aluminium (Polished)

As Supplied

Part No. Part Name Required Material and Description
16 M4 x 6 Pan Head Set Screw 2 Brass or Steel
17 M4 Hex Nut 9 Brass or Steel
18 M4 Cap Nut 1 Brass or Steel
19 M4 Threaded Bar (62mm apporx.) 2 Steel
20 Motor Holder 1 Self Adhesive Type
21 Motor 1 Ø24 x 27
22 Simple Gearbox 1 Small Gearbox, Worm Drive
23 Switch 1 Toggle
24 Potentiometer 1 5 Watt, 50Ω , Wire Wound
25 Knob 1 To Suit Potentiometer
26 LED 1 5mm Red
27 LED Holder 1 As Supplied
28 Resistor 1 330Ω
29 Battery Clip 1 PP3
30 Remote Lead 1 Ribbon Cable, 1 Metre (Use 3 Strands)

Design Element

Part No. Part Name Required Material and Description
26 Front Fork
Front Wheel
1 As Designed

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