Engineering - Mechanism Models

All of the models shown below were designed as demonstration models. Bearing that in mind, they could be used as projects for students, but some modifications might be necessary.

Below you will find a picture of the model, a brief description and a link which will provide you with the shown image, Solidworks model, (including all parts modeled), Solidworks Drawings of each part, PDFs of the Solidworks Drawings and a text file with the fasteners required.

Cam & Follower


An easy enough project to manufacture. The download contains a number of simple cams to replace the egg cam shown. At some stage I'll add plans for a roller and flat follower, but at the minute there is only a point follower.

Fast-Return Actuator


There is a crank at the back of this model so that turning it will not interfere with the visualisation.

Geneva Wheel


Another common model based on the Geneva Wheel is the Geneva Stop. You can create a Geneva Stop by simply not cutting one of the slots. When the crank comes around to the uncut slot it will no longer be able to move.

Roller Gearing


Making the wheel can be tricky here. One metod is to use a milling machine to cut the slots. Alternativly cut the sectors seperatly and glue them in position.

Scotch Yoke


A nice model showing an alternative method of converting circular motion to reciprocating motion.

Universal Joint


This model can be easily modified to show the couplings working on different levels as well as at an angle. The length of the Intermediate Shaft will have to be modified also.