Engineering - Exam Papers - OL - Project - 2010

150 Marks

Design Brief

  1. Introduction

    Make a Model Seaplane according to the example shown or according to an alternative design.

  2. Planning and Organisation (40 marks)

    You are required to compile a folio detailing the following aspects of your work:
    1. Planning details required before undertaking the task or alternative design details;
    2. Parts list and working drawings;
    3. Organisational plan, indicating the manufacturing processes, materials and finishing treatments to be used;
    4. Testing and evaluation of the finished model including special instructions, if necessary, regarding the testing of the model by an examiner.

    Note: Marks are awarded as shown in the Marking Scheme. 

  3. Project Manufacture (110 marks)
    Special Note : Modified toys are not acceptable.

    1. Using appropriate materials make the model according to your plans which should include:
      1. An electrical drive for the Seaplane propellor operated by means of an ON/OFF switch;
      2. One decorative feature to enhance the presentation of the model .
    2. The use of bought-in electronic solutions will result in lost marks.
    3. All main operating features of the completed model to be clearly visible without dismantling.
    4. The longest dimension should not exceed 250 mm.
    5. Electric power should not exceed 9 volts.

    Note : Marks are awarded as shown in Marking Scheme.

  4. Project presentation

    Your completed project consisting of a model and folio, both clearly identified with your examination number, must be available to the visiting examiner.